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Stain Solutions


Blood Stains
Remedy #1: Soak the fabric in cold water until the stain is almost gone. Then apply a drop or two of ammonia to the stain, and wash in warm water with detergent.
Remedy #2: Put a paste of water and cornstarch, cornmeal or talcum powder on the spot. Let it dry and then brush it off.
Remedy #3: Put meat tenderizer on stain and add cool water. After 15-30 minutes, sponge off with cool water.

Coffee Stains
Remedy #1: Dip a cloth into a beaten egg yolk and rub the yolk into the stain, then rinse with cool water.
Remedy #2: Mix 1/2 tsp milk detergent in a pint of water. Use this mixture to blot the stain.
Remedy #3: For stubborn stains, blot with a solution of water and white vinegar (equal parts).
Remedy #4: Work denatured alcohol into the stain, then rinse with water.

Fruit and Berry Stains
Sponge the spot promptly with cool water or soak the material in cool water (30 minutes - overnight, depending on the stain). Then work undiluted liquid detergent into the stain and rinse.

Grass Stains
Remedy #1: Wipe the fabric with alcohol. You should test a corner first to make sure the material isn't damaged by the alcohol. Then apply a mild chlorine bleach to any remaining stain.
Remedy #2: Rub the stain with liquid detergent or naphtha soap. Then rinse thoroughly.
Remedy #3: For stubborn stains, try rubbing with vinegar or hydrogen peroxide (test fabric first).

Ink Spots / Stains
Remedy #1: Mix 1 tbsp cream of tartar and 1 tbsp lemon juice in cold water. Soak the material or sponge the stain (depending on the severity of the stain).
Remedy #2: Try a pen eraser. It that doesn't work, soak the spot with hair spray or nail polish remover. (Test the fabric first.)
Remedy #3: Soak the stain with rubbing alcohol, then blot w/ a cloth and wash.
Remedy #4: Work concentrated ammonia into the stain, then vinegar, then rinse and wash. Remedy #5: Get the stain wet with water, then sponge with a solution of mild detergent and a few drops of vinegar. Let sit for 30 minutes. Rinse.

Grease / Oil Stains
Remedy #1: Rub white chalk into the stain, then wash in warm water with detergent.
Remedy #2: Absorb the grease, using cornmeal on rough fabrics, cornstarch on smoother fabrics. Leave on the spot for up to 12 hours, then brush off and wash.
Remedy #3: Polyester fabrics - sprinkle the stain with talcum powder, then rub it into the spot with your fingers. Leave overnight, brush off, then wash.

Paint Stains
For latex paint, soak in a solution of warm water and detergent for about 2 hours. Then brush gently with a toothbrush. Repeat if necessary, then wash the garment as usual.

Perspiration Stains
Remedy #1: Sponge old stains with vinegar, and more recent stains with ammonia.
Remedy #2: Soak or sponge with baking soda.
Wash the garment in warm water and detergent, like normal. If an odor remains after washing, soak the material in a solution of 3 - 4 tbsp salt in a quart of warm water.

Resin / Sap / Tree Goo Stains
Sponge stain with alcohol, turpentine, or other solvent. Then sponge with water and wash in warm water with detergent.

Rust Stains
Remedy #1: Make a paste of salt and vinegar and rub into the stain. Let stand for 30 minutes, then wash as usual.
Remedy #2: Soak in lemon juice. Then dry in the sun and rinse thoroughly.

Wine Stains
Remedy #1: Put white wine in a spray bottle , spraying it generously over then red wine stain and blot it up with a sponge or towel (thank you Susan Kam)
Remedy #2: For fresh stains, blot wine up with an absorbent cloth, then sponge with club soda or cool water.
Remedy #3: Sponge with dampened salt on a damp cloth.
Remedy #4: Stretch fabric over a pot with the stain in the middle. (Hold in place with a big rubber band.) Put salt on the stain. Slowly pour boiling water over the salt and the stain.

All Purpose Stain Removal: Mom recommends club soda, lemon juice, baking soda and or salt.


Stained Porcelain - Scrub w/ baking soda.

Stained Coffee Pot - Soak and/or scrub w/ vinegar.

Coffee stains on china/porcelain
Remedy #1: Scrub w/ salt
Remedy #2: Scrub with a paste mixture of baking soda and water
Remedy #3: Soak overnight in a denture-cleaning solution
Remedy #4: Soak overnight in a solution of 1/2 cup household bleach and 2 quarts of water

Stains on Furniture
For water rings left by cups or glasses, rub with an abrasive. MILD abrasive: moisten cigarette or cigar ashes with a little cooking oil and apply with your finger. MED abrasive: table salt moistened, or silver polish.
Take a little mayonaise on you finger and dab it on the water stain, let it sit for approximately five to ten minutes, or more, remove with a clean cloth. Water stain should be gone. Another tip that I've heard and have tried only once, is to take the ashes from those ugly cigaretts from the ash tray and apply to the water stain. This works too, but I prefer the mayo. Contributed by

Rug Stains - Kevin says almost any stain can be "lifted" from your carpet by using baking soda. For old, dry stains, wet the area thoroughly first with warm water, then cover with baking soda. Vacuum when dry. Repeat if necessary. Very stubborn stains may need to be scrubbed with a wet sponge and baking soda. I tried this on dog vomit, and it worked!


All cleansers should be stored in tightly covered containers out of the reach of children.
Please pay attention to cautionary notes pertaining to dangerous combinations of chemicals.

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