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Formulas for Metal / Silver Polish


Cover the bottom of a glass or plastic pan with aluminum foil. Pour in about 1 cup boiling water and add 2 teaspoons of baking soda, and 1 teaspoon salt. Stir to dissolve.

Drop the silver pieces into the liquid and make sure each piece of silverware is touching. The tarnish will slowly disappear before your eyes. Rinse and buff dry.

For severely tarnished silver, more than one treatment may be necessary.


2 pounds Whiting (white, powdery substance, prepared by grinding chalk or some other source of calcium carbonate. When mixed with linseed oil it forms putty, and with water and several other substances it constitutes whitewash. It is used as a pigment, called Spanish white, as a filler in paints, for polishing metalware, and for various other purposes.
2 ounces Oleic Acid
1 gallon Gasoline (untreated or use Benzine)

Mix thoroughly.

Soak cloths, wring out, let dry. Use cutting flannel for clothes. Do not use gasoline containing lead. This cloth is for silverware and other metal surfaces.


3/4 gallon Water
1/2 pound Whiting
1 pound Tripoli (brown buffing compound)
1/2 pound Silica
3 ounces Oxalic Acid

PROCESS: Mix well in a 10 quart pail. Cleans all metals, prevents rust. Put in coloring, if desired (use water soluble acid proof color).

NOTE: The oxalic acid renders this poisonous. If desired non-poisonous, substitute Citric Acid for the oxalic. Use finest powdered tripoli and powdered silica possible to avoid scratching of surface being polished.

KEEP YOUR SILVER SHINY LONGER After cleaning and polishing silver, spray with a light coat of common hair spray. This is for the outside of tea services, silver collectibles, etc., not on silverware or serving utinsels that will touch food.

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