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Beautiful Arrangements with Dried Flowers - CHEAP!

5 Bouquet
Think having fresh Flowers in your house will be too expensive?
Think that you need to spend a lot of money to get a nice bouquet of Flowers?


You can buy a small bouquet of Flowers to make a variety of arrangements that look great. I only spent 5 on the bouquet of Flowers shown in each arrangement below. Most of the arrangements used the entire bouquet of Flowers.

A Cluster of 4 Vases
Combine different sizes and shapes of vases

A Cluster of 5 Vases & Jars
The tall vases are pasta sauce jars that were etched.

Simple Shelf Arrangement
Line the vases in a row. You can uses different sizes & shapes or all exactly the same. Sometimes I use juice glasses.

Vases with a Photo
Use a few vases with a photo instead candles.

Vases in Your Kitchen
Put a few vases next to your fruit bowl on your table or countertop.

Window Sill Combination
Great for small windows in your bathroom.

Vases with flower Pictures
Flowers & Flowers together on a shelf. This display is in my kitchen. I have a few shelves up for just display which I like to change often.

More Vases with flower Pictures
You can make these flower photos easily.
Thanks to Tricia Shafer, of for these great tips. Tricia can be reached by email at tricia@livingandentertain
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