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Things You Can Do With Dried Flowers

Dried Flowers
  1. Seasonal f arrangements - in vases or baskets, these last years if properly stored.
  2. Make a wreath - use grapevine, styrofoam or wire as wreath back. Attach to backing with glue and wire, combine with leaves, ribbon, etc. Wreath ideas here.
  3. Swags / Wall decorations - hang over doorways, above shelves. (Old hangars can be used as backing, cut and bend to almost any shape desired.)
  4. Decorate a mirror - wouldn't you like to see your face always framed by Flowers?
  5. Decorate baskets with Flowers, leaves and ribbon - glue f heads to handle and around rim. Fill basket with tidbits for great gifts, such as soaps, bath salts, home made candies, etc.
  6. Decorate hats - combine with ribbon.
  7. Medieval f garland headbands. Baby's breath or Queen Anne's Lace works best.
  8. Make a Victorian "posy" - wrap in lace doily. Personalize gifts by using specific Flowers for each person.
  9. Make a Lavender "wand"
  10. Window dressing - spray paint or spray varnish Flowers and secure to corners of curtain rods, etc.
  11. Potpourri - use scented petals in mixture, and arrange in a bowl. Place f heads on top. Potpourri recipes and instructions here.
  12. Decorate edges of picture frames.
  13. Decorate a lamp shade - whole Flowers and petals glued on add wonderful texture.
  14. Dress up packages/presents - glue to center of ribbons.
  15. Make a corsage - attach to a small piece of cardboard and glue to simple jewelry pin backing.
  16. Decorate a doll house - tiny dried f arrangements in tiny vases, make bushes and fpots or f boxes for the windows.
  17. Crumple petals and insert into greeting card for a personal touch and scent (roses are nice for this).
  18. Make a fairy hide-a-away garden, use small branches to make furniture, glue small Flowers and leaves to decorate.
  19. Make a hair barrett - glue Flowers to gathered lace, and attach to barrett backing.
  20. Hair combs - a set of combs decorated with dried Flowers make a nice gift.
  21. Christmas tree decorations - attach to bows, combine with bells and lace, and hang from your tree.
  22. Candle wreaths - make a small wreath of dried Flowers to place around the base of a scented candle. Lovely!
  23. Decorate a tiny Christmas tree. See How to Make a Tiny Christmas Tree
  24. Lollipop tree - also known as dried f topiary, not a new idea, but a good one. Makes a great gift.
  25. Garnish your hors d'ourves trays
  26. Dress up your tea tray with a teacup full of potpourri topped with f heads
  27. Sprinkle rose petals on your pillow and sheets before a romantic interlude
  28. A romantic bath - add scented bath salts or oil to your bath water, then sprinkle f petals carefully onto the water surface.
  29. Decorate your house plants. Insert wire "stem" into soil near center of plants.

    Pressed Flowers

  30. Attach to backing and frame
  31. Apply paint to flattened Flowers and press onto paper to create unique prints
  32. Decoupage onto boxes
  33. Decoupage onto picture frames
  34. Kitchen magnets
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