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Wooden Light Bulb Garland

  • 8 1-5/8" high wood eggs
  • 8 1" high wood spools
  • paints: hunter green or brown, christmas green, christmas red, copenhagen (bright) blue, bright yellow
  • 2 meters or yards 2 ply jute
  • gloss or satin water based varnish
  • flat brush
  • glue
  1. Paint all the spools hunter green (or brown as desired). Paint two eggs red, two bright green, two blue and the last two yellow.
  2. Glue the fat end of each egg to the top of each spool.
  3. Varnish all of these new light bulbs. Let dry.
  4. Starting about 6" in from each end of the jute string, evenly space the light bulbs along the string. Lay this out on the table to get the rigth spacing. To fasten bulbs to string, pinch a bit of the string and glue the fold into the open end of the spool.
  5. Hang up anywhere you can't normally reach with a string of light. Most people don't know its wood until you point it out. You could also do these in red & pink for valentine's day, or pastels for Easter.

This project was submitted by Andrea Rennick of Rennick Craft Supplies
6869 Route 101
Wirral NB E5L 2N6 CANADA
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