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Handful of Christmas gift tag ideas.

bullet Using pinking shears to cut pictures from used Christmas cards. Use a hole punch to make a hole a the top of the picture. Write your message on the back of the shape. String the card with ribbon and tie to your package.
bullet Paint the corrugated side of cardboard with water based paint. Let dry. Cut shapes such as trees, bell or stars out of the cardboard. Punch hole in the top. Write your message on the back. Tie to package with ribbon.
bullet Iron on adhesive backing to the back of Christmas print fabric. Cut Christmas shapes such as bells, stars, angels, etc. from the fabric (use our Christmas patterns, trace them onto the back of the fabric). Center the cut-outs over the front of a plain card or a piece of cardboard. Iron on. Edge the cut-out with 3 dimensional fabric paint, gold felt market or glue on rick-rack.
bullet Cut several old Christmas cards up into tiny rectangles or triangles. Glue the pieces onto a piece of cardboard to cover it. Make sure the backs of pieces are blank. (You can use our basic shapes if you like.) Cut out the shapes. Punch a hole in the top of each shape. Write your message on the back.
bullet Create cookie tags. Use any gingerbread or sugar cookie recipe. Shape the cookies as rectangles or basic Christmas shapes. Before baking, make a hole in the top of the cookie with a toothpick. Make sure the hole is big enough that it won't bake shut. When baked and cooled, use a decorator icing set and royal icing to write your message on the cookie. Secure the cookie to the package with ribbon.
bullet Use a piece of rectangular corrugated cardboard. Paint the entire corrugated surface of the cardboard with water based paint. Let dry. Fold the cardboard in half, corrugated side out. Trace a Christmas shape onto one side of the cardboard. Cut out using a craft knife. Write your message inside the card.
bullet Select a favorite family photograph. Photo copy the picture onto card stock. Cut out, punch a hole in the top and write your message on the back. This method can also be used to create unique Christmas cards.
bullet Make several copies of your favorite family photo (no larger than 4" x 6"). Cut rectangular cards from plain card stock. Cut them 1" bigger on all sides than your photos (for example, if your photos are 4" x 6", cut the cardboard into 5" x 7" pieces). Using a craft knife, cut diagonal slits in all four corners of your cardboard and insert the corners of your pictures into the slits. Or, glue store bought photo corners onto the cardboard and then insert the photos. Write your message on the back of the cards (it's best to do this before you insert the photos). Again, this method can be used to create personalized Christmas cards.
Basic Patterns
Xmass Tree Xmass Stocking Snowman Heart Bell
Candy Cane Ginger Man Teddy Bear Holly
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