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Christmas Coasters

A set of these makes a great hostess gift!

Materials for one coaster:

  • Christmas print cotton fabric. Or, use solid colours, plaids, gingham, etc.
  • Thread
  • Fibre fill sheets
  1. Use our Christmas patterns. Stockings, stars, bells, trees, etc. make good shapes. Resize the patterns so that they're large enough to be good coasters (i.e. large enough to cover the bottom of a coffee mug).
  2. For each coaster, cut two pattern pieces from the fabric. Cut another from the fibre fill sheet. Trim the fibre fill piece 1/4" all the way around the pattern piece.
  3. Place two fabric pieces togehter, right sides facing together. Place the fibre fill piece on top of the fabric pieces. Pin together.
  4. Sew together all the way around the shape, leaving a 1" opening. Use the smallest seam allowance that you can manage. Trim close to stitching.
  5. Turn right side out through the opening that you left. You may need to use a knitting needle to shape the points of the coaster if you've used patterns such as trees and stars. Whip stitch the opening closed. Press coaster flat with an iron. If you wish, you can topstitch the coaster all the way around, 1/4" from the edge. Use contrasting color thread.
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