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Christmas Cookie Garland

Here's an easy way to construct a garland that will make your mouth water. Hang it on the tree, the mantle, over a doorway, etc.


  • One recipe of gingerbread or other spicy rolled cookie dough.
  • Several feet of 1/2" satin ribbon
  1. Roll cookie dough as directed in recipe. Cut into Christmas shapes. You can use one shape only or a combination of several.
  2. Transfer cut-outs to a cookie sheet.
  3. In each cookie, make two holes near the top, side by side. Use a toothpick and make sure that you make the holes large enough to string ribbon through.
  4. Bake cookies as directed. Cool
You can ice the cookies if you like, or just leave them undecorated.
String the cookies through the ribbon to form a garland. Push the ribbon through the first hole from the back of the cookie. Then, push it through back through the second whole.
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