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Eggy Angel

  • 1 3" Panoramic Egg
  • 15" Glitteredge ribbon
  • 1 Ribbon Rose
  • 9" Stretch Mesh
  • 6" Glitter Cord
  • 9" Wiredged Ribbon
  • 9" 4mm Fused Pearls
  • 1 Irridesent Ball
  • Wire
  1. Stretch mesh to cover egg completely from bottom to top. Gather mesh at top and wire. Trim excess mesh.
  2. Cut stem from ball and glue to pointed top of egg. Glue 4" of pearls around ball for halo.
  3. Using the wired ribbon make a bow with no tails and wire in the middle. Glue to the back of the angel for the wings.
  4. Using the glitteredge ribbon make a 4 looop bow. Knot the ends of ribbon tails. Glue to neck of angel.
  5. Fold remaining pearls in half and glue to centre of bow. Glue rose to center of pearls. Glue glitter cord to back for hanger.
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