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Frosty the Lightbulb

  • Krylon Grey Primer #1314 or JoSonja Sealer
  • Deerfoot orold scruffy brush
  • Liner brush
  • Flat or Angle brush
  • Small white pompom
  • One white Chenille bump for fur on hat
Palette: (JoSonja Acrylics)
  • Napthol Crimson
  • Napthol Red Light
  • Carbon Black
  • Pthalo Green
  • Yellow Oxide
  • Burnt Sienna Titanium White or JoSonja White
  • Gesso
  • Optional - Delta Brand Decorative Snow
This pattern was designed for a normal sized household light bulb. Please read all instructions before beginning to paint. I have written the instructions in the order that I paint. The method of painting is printed in bold print and the colour to be used is underlined. The method or colour remains the same unless I have written otherwise. Refer to Photo frequently


Shading and Highlighting: adding a dark or lighter paint by applying with a side-loaded blended brush. Paint side of brush faces the desired darkest or lightest area. Pull and dab your floats to get a blended look to the desired shaded or highlighted area.
Dab: Pat in colour softly using the tip of blended angle brush and fingers where needed to soften. It is better to layer the colour lightly. It can be repeated if desired.


  1. Preparation: If possible, drill through the top of the metal part of the light bulb from side to side using a small drill. It is easier to do if you drill close to the top. By drilling here it usually knocks the 'innards" from inside making your bulb into a "jingling" Frosty! Thread filament through the holes and tie so that your now have a hanger on your bulb making it easier to hang for drying. Spray the light bulb with all purpose Krylon Grey Primer (#1314) - preferred method - as it allows you to work on the light bulb almost immediately after spraying or basecoat with Nimbus Grey + JoSonja Sealer 1:1 - allow to cure for 48 hours before painting on it.
  2. Line: Carbon Black - scarf, cheeks, broom, buttons. Base in eyes and mouth leaving white space for tongue. Dot in "holes" of buttons (refer to picture).

  3. Napthol Red Light - tongue, nose, transparent wash in cheeks. Napthol Crimson - red areas of scarf, trim on broom.
    Pthalo Green - green areas of scarf and buttons.
    Yellow Oxide - straw area of broom.
    Burnt Sienna - pole area of broom.
    Carbon Black - metal part of light bulb.
  4. Shade: Napthol Red Light - inside lines of cheeks.
    Burnt Sienna - top and around trim area of straw broom.
    Carbon Black lightly - around arms, under broom, scarf (under knot, on scarf where anything is on top)
  5. Highlight: Titanium White - around on arms.
  6. Dab: on face, chin area to brighten as desired.
  7. Stipple: around areas of Frosty to brighten as desired.
  8. Finish:Cut a hole in the film cannister top to fit over the metal part of the lightbulb. This is Frosty's top hat brim! Apply a red shiney ribbon to his hat. Allow to dry well, then varnish with Crystal Clear Krylon Spray or 2 coats of JoSonja Gloss Varnish. Enjoy! This pattern and instructions were designed for the use of the Decorative Painter for pleasure or profit.

This pattern and instructions were designed for the use of the Decorative Painter for pleasure or profit.
The pattern may be reproduced for class use only, one per student, please.

This project was submitted by Cindy Mitchell. Charlottetown, PEI
Copyright April 1997 Cindy Mitchell

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