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Cardboard Tube Angels

What can you do with old toilet paper tubes? Make Tube Angels!

You will need:

  • Any size cardboard tube to make the height of your angel.
  • Tacky Glue or similar that has a thick substance, regular white glue won't hold the heavyness of the material you will be using. A glue gun is also good.
  • Dried fs or silk fs.
  • Wooden ball the size that will fit over the top of the tube.
  • Small dowels or popsicle sticks
  • Flesh colored acrylic paint
  • Raffia or doll hair
  • Store bought angel wings (or make your own using raffia or wired ribbon or cardboard.
1. Begin by buying a wooden ball the size that will fit over the top of the tube and glue in place. If using a lightweight tube a styroform ball may be used if covered with a piece of muslin.

2. Glue the fs to the entire tube.

3. Either use small dowels or popsicle sticks for arms. Glue each one to the sides of the tube. After this is done, cover the entire tube with the fs. Leave a small space at the tip of the stick and paint a flesh color to look like hands.

3. Paint ball flesh color or leave plain. Draw mouth and eyes (any style you like) you can also add blush to make cheeks (optional).

4. Use rafia or doll hair to top of ball and glue on.

5. You may use any kind of wings you like, store bought or use some raffia and glue to back of tube.

It's recommended that you use lightweight silk fs or dried fs so as not to cause tipping of the tube.

Contributed by Linda Dudar,

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