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Want to give your gift the personal touch? Try one of our wrapping ideas:

bullet Wrap package in brown craft paper. Use binder twine as ribbon. Tuck in a few pine, spruce or holly sprigs.
bullet Wrap a rectangular package in white paper and address it as if it were an envelope. Don't forget the return address and the stamps. Write "Do not open until December 25" on it.
bullet Wrap package in foil wrapping paper. Bake a cookie large enough to fit the top of the package. Trees, Santas, bells and stars are good shapes to use. Decorate the cookie using decorator icing and candies or sprinkles. "Glue" the cookie to the top of the package using decorator icing.
bullet Wrap package in brown craft paper or plain white paper. Use store bought patterned ribbon (gingham, plaid or Christmas patterns are nice). If you can't find ribbon, make some: cut long strips of patterned fabric and finish the edges on a sewing machine (either turn edges over and hem or finish with a zigzag stitch)
bullet Wrap package in a store bought Christmas theme towel or tea-towel. The wrap actually functions as a second gift! Fasten the towel with clothespins, tie it with ribbon or use pins. If you use pins, make sure to warn the recipient of the gift before he/she tries to unwrap it.
bullet Wrap package in newspaper. Create a "bow" by gathering 6 cinnamon sticks together and tying them with ribbon. Tie the "bow" on the package with red ribbon.
bullet Let the kids draw Christmas pictures on large sheets of white paper and use these to wrap packages. Tie with colourful ribbon and make a bow by gathering 6 crayons together and tying them with ribbon.
bullet Spread a piece of foil wrapping paper out flat. Cut snowflakes out of white paper and tack them onto the wrapping paper with white glue or a hot glue gun. You can also use doilies in place of snow flakes. When the glue is dry, wrap the package.
bullet Wrap package in brown craft paper or foil wrapping paper. Use a string of beads, popcorn or cranberries as ribbon. Secure with tape in a few places so that the string doesn't fall off.
bullet Spread a piece of brown craft paper out flat (you may want to place newspaper underneath it for easy clean-up). Sponge paint or splatter paint the paper using gold, red or green paint (or use all three colours, one at a time). Dry. Wrap package and finish with matching store bought ribbon.
bullet Wrap package in paper that is a solid color. Cut shapes out of complimentary coloured paper. You can use the basic shapes that we have posted as patterns. For example, wrap the package in green paper and glue on red stars, bells, etc.
bullet Wrap package in foil wrapping paper. Spot glue foil wrapped Santa chocolates all over the top of the package.
bullet Create a tower of gifts. Wrap on large gift and several small ones. Stack the smaller gifts on top of the large one and tie them all together with wide fabric ribbon. To make the tower more stable, you can spot glue the gifts together.
bullet Use Christmas print, plaid or gingham fabric. Cut two rectangular pieces the same size (large enough for the gift you're wrapping). Pin the rectangles right sides together and sew together on three sides using a zigzag stitch. Turn the bag you've made right side out. Slip gift inside. Fold open end over the gift like the flap on an envelope. Tie closed with matching ribbon, string or raffia. This works best with flat gifts such as books and wallets.
bullet Wrap package in foil wrapping paper. String one or more Christmas ornaments on a ribbon and tie the ribbon to the package.
bullet Wrap package in any wrapping paper. Make a bow with ribbon, or use a store bought bow. Tuck candy canes into the bow for a finishing touch.
bullet Wrap package in foil wrapping paper. Then, wrap again in a piece of lace. This package is so pretty it doesn't even need a bow.
bullet Wrap a package in fabric. Try taffeta, gingham, plaid, Christmas prints, or anything else that strikes your fancy. For a finished look, cut the fabric to the size you need and hem on a sewing machine. You can secure this wrap with pins (don't forget to let the recipient know), or you can simply tie with ribbon. Taffetas wrap tied with chiffon ribbon is absolutely beautiful!
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