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Easter Centerpiece

This lovely Easter centerpiece needs to be made about 6 to 8 weeks before Easter. If you're rushed, however, you can substitute plastic grass or crumpled strips of green paper for the grass.


Terra cotta pot - any size
acrylic paint
paint brushes
grass seed
potting soil
colored easter eggs


Paint the outside of the terra cotta pot in Easter colors. Use simple patterns like strips or polka dots. Let dry. (Optional: For a shiny finish, spray the outside of the pot with polyurethane coating. Let dry.)

Fill the pot with potting soil to within 2" from the top. Sprinkle on a thick coating of grass seed. Cover lightly (to 1/8" depth) with more soil. Water the seeds and keep moist for the next six weeks.

Color Easter eggs a couple of days before Easter. (See How to Color Easter Eggs for tips.) Nestle the eggs in your potted grass.

This idea also works well if you use three or four very small terra cotta pots and use foil wrapped chocolate eggs in place of real eggs.

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