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Pumpkin Candy Dish

Pumpkin Candy Dish

For the Pumpkin Candy Dish
You will need:

  • Ivy Bowl or Small Glass Fish Bowl
  • Orange CeramCoat Paint
  • White CeramCoat Paint
  • Yellow CeramCoat Paint
  • Blue CeramCoat Paint
  • Black Paint Pen
  • Kitchen Sponge
  • Miracle Sponge (Compressed sponge)
  • Q-tips


1. Using the kitchen sponge apply both colors of orange to completely cover the glass bowl. All the pot to dry completely.

2. Cut eyes, pupils, a nose and a tooth out of the miracle sponge. Dip the miracle sponge in water so that it expands. Squeeze out the excess water.

3. Sponge white eyes and a white tooth on the pot. Sponge a yellow nose on the pot. If you do not like the coverage fill in spots with a Q-tip. Once the eyes dry sponge blue pupils on them. Let the paint dry. With a Q-tip add a sparkle of white paint.

4. Draw around the eyes and nose with the black paint pen. Add a mouth, pumpkin lines, and eyebrows with the black paint pen

Contributed by Daria Akers

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