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Funny, Silly and Gag Gifts


HeartCupid Poop
Put some of those cinnamon red hot heart shaped candies in a zip lock bag and give with this poem attached:

I couldn't send you fs, and candy wouldn't do.
And mushy cards just didn't say the things I want them to.
So I got you something special, and here's the inside scoop.
I found you something very rare - It's genuine Cupid poop!

Contributed by Cruzmom,


Melted Snowmen
Take a rock - any rock - preferably a slightly round rock, and paint it white. Paint on a snowman face, happy or sad. Add a little black hat made out of felt and two thin sticks for arms and you have a melting snowman. Looks great if you have a bunch of them together in all sizes. Contributed by N.Schmalz, Woodstock, VA

Snowman Poop:
Put tiny marshmallows or white packing "peanuts" into a plastic bag, accompanied by this poem:

Santa checked his list not once, but twice.
He found you've been naughty not nice.
Since coal is so expensive, Here's the scoop.
He's filled your stocking with Snowman poop!!!

Reindeer Poop:
Basically the same idea as above, but use chocolate covered raisins, plain raisins, malted milk balls, etc. Use the same poem as above, just change Snowman to Reindeer.

We take a carton of whoppers and cut a u-shaped door in the back side of the carton and put a pom-pom on the door (so it looks like a tail). We cut antlers out of brown felt and glued a large brown pom-pom for a head to the antlers. Then added a small black or red pom-pom for the nose. You can also add a ribbon to the antlers for a girl reindeer or a bow beneath the head for a boy reindeer. Then we add the "poop" poem to it.
Contributed by Barlows,

Either use real coal, painted rocks, or if you can find some of the gum that looks like coal. Give with this poem:

I heard you have been naughty not nice,
And Santa even checked his list twice.
So all the way from the cold North Pole
all you're getting is a bag of coal.

Magic Reindeer Food:
Use a mixture of any of these: oatmeal, bird seed, rice crispies, plus a little bit of colored crystal sugar. Place the mixture in plastic bags and give with these instructions:

Make a wish and close your eyes tight,
Then sprinkle on your lawn at night.
As Santa's reindeer fly & roam
This food will guide them to your home.
For your gift to the reindeer and Rudolph too
Your wish may be real, your dreams may come true.

Angel Dust:
Put large iridescent glitter (also called buffalo snow at Michael's) in a small zip lock bag with the poem below and use a small angel rubber stamp for an accent with the poem.

Within this little bag
Placed with loving care,
Is special angel dust
My Guardian placed there.
It is to share with special friends
When they're down or feeling blue,
To lift their heart and share a smile
As special friends should do.

by Charlene Dickerson


  • Fill a baby food jar with water, some small pieces of black coal, and a small carrot. Label: Melted Snowman
  • Place some dry beans in a baby food jar with a little pig sitting on top of the beans and write on top of the lid Pork N' Beans.
  • Fill a baby food jar with dried beans and print 100% Natural Bubble Bath Directions: Cook and injest at least one hour before bathing.
  • Fill a baby food jar with cheerios and print "Donut Seeds". Or use frosted cheerios and have it say "Powdered Donut Holes".
Contributed by Judy,
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