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Valentine's Day Button Lady Pin

Button Lady PinYou will need:
  • 5in X 3in scrap of fabric
  • 5in X 3in fusable interfacing
  • Glue Gun
  • 3/4in wide button
  • 2 8mm wood beads with large hole
  • 12in of silk rat tail (cording)
  • sewing machine thread in various colors to match fabric
  • small wood cutout (stars/hearts) -- optional
  • 1 inch Pin Back
1) Copy the template on a thin piece of cardboard. Cut it out.

2) Following the instuctions from the fuseable interfacing, iron the interfacing to the scrap fabric.

3) Place the fabric down interfacing size up. Trace around the template. Repeat so that you have 2 pieces.

4) Cut out both pieces.

Template 5) Cut a 6 inch piece of rat tail. Tie a knot at both ends (this will be the hands).

6) Pick which fabric cutout you want to be the front. Place the other cutout interfacing side up. Add a small drop of glue near the end of the arms of the cutout. Place the piece of rat tail so it hangs out of both "sleeves". It will run across the body.

7) On the other piece of rat tail tie a knot at one end. Add both beads and tie a knot at the other end. Arrange the beads so there is one near each knot.

8) Place a small dot of glue where you would like the legs to hang out of the skirt. Place the legs. You can trim off the extra rat tail inside the dress.

9) Liberally add glue to the inside of the cut out. Place the 2nd cutout over the first. Push down to secure the front. Add glue around the inside edge to close any gaps.

10) Add a liberal amount of glue to the back of the button. Place in the head position. A little glue should seap out of the holes (for eyes).

11) Grab hold of the ends of all the sewing thread. Pull off about 4-5 yards. Ball it up in your hand until it is a disk about the size of a quarter.

12) Add glue to the back and side of the head. Lay the cutout on the ball of thread. Work hair around the button (careful don't get burned).

13) Add a painted cutout to the front and glue the hands to it.

14) Glue the pin on behind the head.

Contributed by Daria Akers

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