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Hanging Hearts Mobile

Cut-out hearts mobile You will need:
  • Red, white, pink and/or purple construction paper
  • White glue
  • Length of string, ribbon, or yarn
  • Scissors
The easiest way to make symmetrical hearts is to fold the construction paper in half. You can either cut them freehand, or use one of our heart templates. We have both half heart templates and whole heart templates.

You will need to cut out AT LEAST the following:

  • 2 very large hearts
  • 2 large hearts
  • 2 medium hearts
  • 2 small hearts
However, there are many ways to combine the hearts for whatever look you like. You may want to cut out a variety of sizes and glue them together for a layered look. At the very minimum though, take each of the heart pairs and glue them back to back with the string/yarn in between. Leave a space between each pair on the string/yarn. Then you can decorate each pair of hearts any way you like. Glue on several layers of many different size hearts. Decorate with bits of ribbon or candy hearts.

Hang from the ceiling or on a wall. If you want to give this to mom as a gift, wrap a few candy kisses in plastic wrap and tie them to the bottom of the string/yarn.

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