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Valentine's Day Cards

You can make beautiful Valentine's Day cards for mom or your friends, just using construction paper and your imagination!

You will need:

  • Red, white, pink or purple construction paper
  • White glue
  • Crayons or colored pens
  • Scissors
Cut two large hearts for the main part of the card, one red and one white, with the white one just a little bit smaller than the red. Fold a piece of construction paper in half lengthwise (so it's still tall). Then cut out half a heart shape - either cut them freehand, or use a heart templates. (We have both half heart templates and whole heart templates.)

Unfold the hearts and glue the white one inside the red one. That's your basic Valentine's Day card. Now you can decorate the front, back and inside any way you want.

Some ideas:

  • Color and cut out any Valentine picture (try our Be My Valentine picture) and glue it on the front.
  • Cut out different size hearts and glue them all over the card, front and back.
  • Cut and glue paper doilies around the edges of the card.
  • Cut a heart out of tin foil, unfold it carefully and glue to the front. Write in it with a pencil or stick.
  • Cut out a bunch of tiny white hearts and glue them all around the outside edges of the card.
These are just a few ideas. Use your imagination!

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