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Easy to Make Hand and Finger Puppets

Hand and finger puppets can be made out of many things you have lying around the house. Don't throw away those old socks! Old clothing can be cut up and re-used, especially the buttons. An old cardboard paper towel tube can be turned into a cute puppet. With a little bit of glue, a needle and thread, marking pens, paint, and a bunch of stuff from around the house, you'll have your own puppet collection in no time! Try some of these ideas:


You will need:

  • An old sock
  • A pair of scissors
  • Some large buttons
  • Yarn
  • An old shirt or dress
  • A needle and thread
Adding the hair For hair, cut 20-30 strips of yarn about 12 inches long. Cut four small slits in the top of the sock, two on each side. Twist the ends of the yarn together and poke IN through one of the holes (closest to the top of your sock), and then pull it out the other hole. Use a small piece of yarn to tie around the yarn near the hole. Now you've got one pony-tail.

Do the same with the other end of the yarn. After you have the other side tied, put your hand inside the sock and spread out the yarn at the top of Suzy's head. You can braid the yarn on each side and tie bows at the top and bottom of the braid if you want.

Glue or sew on the buttons for the eyes.

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