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Apple Scented Wallpaper Candles

  • 2 lbs. Household paraffin
  • Candle scent (either essential oil or scent blocks combine apple & cinnamon for a delicious aroma)
  • large pot (for boiling water)
  • clean, empty 1 lb. size coffee can
  • empty frozen orange juice containers (The paraffin here will make 2 candles)
  • candle wicks and holders (or you may use the pre-wicked holders)
  • piece of wallpaper border (make sure it will wrap all the way around your juice can)
  • miscellaneous supplies: aluminum foil, craft glue, scissors

This candle is a two-step project. Do not expect to complete it in one day, as the first set of candles needs to thoroughly set up before you can apply the wallpaper design.

Begin by placing the paraffin in a clean coffee can. One pound of paraffin will make 2 of these candles, with some wax leftover. Place the coffee can into the large pot and add water to the pot only until it is about full. Bring water to a boil, and then reduce heat to low so that you melt the paraffin slowly. This double-boiler method of melting the wax is very important wax is flammable and you must never leave it unattended. Do not try to melt it too quickly and exercise caution if there are children nearby.

When the paraffin is totally melted add your scent. If you are using scent blocks (which I prefer because they seem to last longer) put it in now and mix thoroughly while the paraffin is still very hot. Slowly pour the melted paraffin into the clean juice cans, filling them 2/3 full. Again, use caution, as the wax is VERY hot. After the cans are filled, place an appropriate length of wick in a wick holder and submerge it into the can. Take care to center your wick and be sure that you have at least 2" of wick standing clear above the wax. (This is for lighting your candle later if you wish to burn it.) One trick I find helpful is to criss-cross some Scotch tape across top of the can as a guide for the center. If you do this after you set the wick inside, you can leave a space between the pieces of tape that will hold the wick in place.

Set your candles aside to set up thoroughly. After they are pretty firm, you may want to place them in the refrigerator. The important thing is to make sure they are solid.

The next day, carefully remove the candle from the juice can. I use these cans because they are usually slick inside, and the cardboard sides slit easily. Cut the can above the candle and gently peel it away.

Now you are ready to decorate your candle with wallpaper. Choose a border that matches or compliments your décor, making sure it is not too wide for your candle. Trim the border so that it fits all the way around the candle, overlapping about ". With white craft glue, glue it directly onto the candle placement is purely individual taste it does not have to be at the bottom.

While the glue is drying, melt the other paraffin in the same manner as you did to make your candles. This time you do not need to add scent. Remember, the melted wax will rise when you insert the candle, so you do not need to have a full can of melted wax about half full is plenty. (You will have extra paraffin left over from the second 1 lb. box.)

When the paraffin is completely melted, hold the candle by its wick and dip it into the coffee can so that hot wax reaches up as far as the base of the wick. Immediately remove the candle and place it on a sheet of aluminum foil to cool.

Continue dipping and cooling your candle until you have the look you desire. The more times you coat the candle and wallpaper with wax, the more muted the look will be.

Note: There might be some concern about burning your candle with a paper border added to it. I have burned several and have never had a problem with them. However, as with all candles, exercise diligence and never leave them burning unattended.

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