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Country Doll

  • 2 Forster Doll Pins
  • Forster Head Bead
  • Forster Doll Stand
  • 3" wide dusty blue print Craft Ribbon, 4" length (top)
  • 3" wide dusty blue coordinated print Craft Ribbon, 11" length (dress and bonnet)
  • 1/8" wide dusty blue Satin Ribbon, 27" length
  • 2" wide gathered white Eyelet lace, 4-1/2" length (apron)
  • Acrylic Paint: black, pink
  • Brown Curly Chenille, 31" length
  • 1/2" Mini Basket
  • Small Silk Flowers: 2 blue, 1 white
  • Glue Gun and glue sticks
  • Miscellaneous: Scissors, pencil, coping saw

Click here for patterns

  1. Glue head bead onto top of one doll pin and base onto bottom of doll pin. Use coping saw to cut 1-3/4" off bottom of other doll pin for arms.
  2. Use patterns to cut top, dress and bonnet from appropriate blue print ribbon. Note that top and dress patterns are cut on fold with neck opening and one shoulder seam cut afterwards.
  3. Wrap dress around neck of doll pin. Slightly overlap and glue open shoulder seam and both side seams leaving top 3/4" side seams open for arm insertion. See figure 1.
  4. Glue and insert cut ends of doll pin arms into dress shoulder openings. Position arms at downward angle, flat side down. Place ribbon top around neck with cut opening at back and fold at front center so that ribbon lengths extend out over arms. Wrap sides of ribbon around arms, slightly overlapping and gluing ribbon sleeves under arms.
  5. For apron, warp lace around waist, slightly overlapping bottom of ribbon top ith lace binding. Overlap and glue lace ends at dol's center back.
  6. For hair, cut six 5" lenghts curly chenille. Arrange and glue lenghts across top of head and down back until last lenght forms an upside down "U" at center back of head. for bangs, cut 1" into 1/4" lenghts and glue on end along forehead. See figures 2 and 3.
  7. Glue 1/8" wide, 5-1/2" length satin ribbon to each point of bonnet. Place bonnet on head with flat side to the back and tie with bow under chin.
  8. Glue 1/8" wide length satin ribbon around each sleeve at wrist and tie in bow at front.
  9. Paint face with black features and pink cheeks.
  10. Glue basket in one hand. Glue and insert flowers in basket.
This craft project was submitted by Forster Inc.
Craft Department
P.O. Bop 657
Wilton, ME 04294
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