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Marble type finish

Make quick and easy gifts for all your friends. (Or treat yourself to a present!) You can use this marble type finish for almost anything that can be painted with acrylic paints.


  • Object to marblize. Suggestions: picture frame, candle holders, vases, wooden boxes.
  • Gold spray paint (or color of your choice, best if dark)
  • A teapoon of oil based paint (whatever color you'd like to marble over the gold paint
  • Newspaper
  • bucket or other waterproof container large enough to immerse object in


    Spray object inside and out with gold spray paint (or other color). Let dry.
    Fill the bucket with water. It should be deep enough to completely immerse the object.
    Add a teaspoon of oil based paint to the water and swirl quickly with a stir stick.
    Immerse the object in the water. Make sure all surfaces are covered.
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