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Homemade Designer Candles (the easy way...)

This is a good way to turn plain "dollar store" pillar candles into expensive-looking designer candles and use those little border samples often included in the wallpaper books
DesignerCandleYou will need:
  • Plain pillar candles
  • Wallpaper strips, or wallpaper border samples
  • Tall can
  • All purpose glue
  • Paraffin

You need...Cut paper strip to fit around the candle. Use glue to adhere in place.

Melt clear candle wax or plain paraffin in a tall narrow can, deep enough to nearly submerge candle. (A tall spaghetti sauce can is just for most candles.)

Hold wick and slowly dip the candle into the melted wax, ing all the way to the top edge of the candle. (You CAN hold the wick with your fingers if you have to, but a hemostat clamp or small vise grip makes it a lot easier and safer.)

Dip the candle...Remove and set the candle on a piece of scrap paper to drain and harden for a few minutes.

If a softer, more muted look is desires, repeat to build up wax layers.

When fully cooled, polish with a pad of wadded up nylon stockings, or use a commercial candle polish/glosser.

Contributed by Raven * Norejko,

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