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Make a Wallpaper Fan

You will need:
  • Wallpaper
  • Hot glue, staples
  • Decoration: Ribbon, beads, fs, etc.
Cut a piece of wallpaper to the size you like.

Fold "accordian" you did in school. Press down on pleats with your fingers to form a sharp crease.

Bunch one end together and secure (hot glue or whatever works for YOU).

Spread "pleats" open till they look how you want them to.

Decorate the gathered end with ribbon, small fabric roses, beads, whatever you like. Attach a piece of ribbon to back to hang on wall.

This may take a couple of tries..... as the size and pleating technique you use will differ the look... however it is VERY simple and VERY quick.

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Tip from one of our visitors:
We had a Valentine's Day party for my daughter and her friends and one of the crafts we made were wallpaper fans using the borders from wallpaper sample books. They are a good size for little hands and easily are torn from the sample book.

When the fan is done (all folded), a hole puncher can be used at the base. This is done by an adult and you may not be able to punch all the way through at once so do a few parts at a time. If you are not precise, it doesn't really matter.

The child then chooses a ribbon to match their fan and threads the ribbon through the holes in the pleats. Tie it to make a bow (little ones may need help but still enjoy the effect)- instant fan! A hole can also be punched at the top of the fan where another ribbon is attached to hang. They look pretty on the wall of her bedroom. Each child gets something she made to take home.

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