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Accordian Letters Made with Wallpaper

Accordian Letter Letter #1

You will need:

  • Cut 2 pieces of light cardboard - 3" x 6"
  • 2 pieces of wallpaper or fabric - 4" x 7"
  • 1 piece of writing paper - desired length by 5" wide
    Common lengths available are 14" (legal size), 17" (tabloid size), or use roll shelving paper
  • Scrap of coordinating ribbon at least 12" long
  • Gluestick or rubber cement
Fold your letter
Accordian fold the length of writing paper to 2 1/2". Write your letter on the paper (NOTE! If you end up with an odd number of panels, leave bottom panel blank as it will be glued to the cover board. If the number of panels is even, glue will go on the back side.)

Glue cardboard to wallpaper

Cover cardboard lightly and evenly with glue. Center on back side of wallpaper or fabric. Smoth and let dry. Clip corners of overhanding paper/fabric, fold over and glue.

Attach letter...
Thinly coat back side of top panel of letter. Center and glue onto the inside of covercard. Glue second card to backside of bottom panel of letter. When glue has dried, fold letter closed.

Position ribbon around letter packet, and if desired, adhere ribbon to bottom card only with a thin line of glue and tie ribbon into a pretty bow around the letter.

A tiny silk f sprig tucked into the ribbon is a pretty addition with plainer wallpaper or fabric.

Contributed by Raven * Norejko,

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