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Walnut Treasure Chest

Tiny Treasure Chest You will need:
  • a walnut
  • 3/8" - 1/2" brass fittings (from the miniature dept of a craft or hobby store)
  • small drill
  • small estucheon pins
  • epoxy glue
  • small pieces of velour
Clean and smooth the inside of a perfectly split walnut. Holding the 2 halves securely together, use a small rasp or grinder to somewhat smooth and flatten a small patch on both "long" sides of the shell. this will help you to position the hinge and latch.

If your brass fittings don't have pre-drilled holes in them, use a tiny drill and drill one hole in each part. (Some of them already have holes in them.)

Tiny Treasure Chest Hold the hinge in position against the shell and mark the holes. Drill a tiny hole at each mark. Reposition the hinge, lining up the fastening holes and secure with a little epoxy glue - be very careful not to get glue into the hinge itself.

Repeat the process for the latch on the other side.

Tap a small estucheon pin through the holes and bend over the excess on the inside of the box and secure with a dab of epoxy glue.

Cut two pieces of velour in a circle, a bit larger than the rim of the nutshell. Run a gathering stitch at the very edge and pull in, just enough to hide the rough edges of the fabric. Secure them into the walnut halves with a little glue.

Contributed by Raven * Norejko, >

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