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Granny Walnut

Granny Walnut You will need:
  • a walnut
  • a doll body of approx. 4 inches or so from shoulder to toes - use your own favorite pattern and method or you can buy premade bodies from your craft store.
  • about 6 inches of wool roving or other fiber for hair
  • approx 5 inches of flexible wire
  • fabric scraps from which you'll fashion her dress and trims using your own favorite patterns and techniques.
  • a small drill

Drill a hole...Use a small drill (1/8") to drill a hole in the center top of the nut and a second hole just behind the "chin" at the pointy end. Using a thin nail or stiff wire, clear a hole all the way through the nut. Double the flexible wire and pass it through the hole, leaving a small loop at the top.

Sew it togetherTwist and loop the ends and use to attach the head to the body. Stitch the center of the hair wool and attach to head with a thin layer of glue - arrange hair, pulling together in the back and twisting into a bun, secure with tiny stitches. If desired, you may add ovals for eyes with a black marker or dabs of paint.

After you dress your granny you'll want to accessorize her. This one is carrying a fresh apple pie. Paint a metal bottle cap and fill it with a ball of foil pushed into shape. Make a flat disk of "super Sculpey" or other polymer clay of a suitable color. Press it onto the top of your pie, shape as desired and bake per manufacturer directions.

Contributed by Raven * Norejko,

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