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Treasure Nuts

Somewhere in this basket of walnuts hides the BIG treasure... maybe a pearl pendent or a pair of gemstone earrings!
Grab Bag of Nuts(This is a great idea for a party!)

You will need:

  • whole walnuts, halved and cleaned
  • tiny gifts
  • glue
  • basket or other container
  • decorations (optional)
Split and empty as many nuts as you will need. In each nut, place a tiny gift: a charm, a miniature, a pair of earrings, a tiny china figurine, a necklace chain or bracelet... even folded currency - these are just a few ideas.

Then carefully glue the nut halves back together, being careful not to drip any glue back into the shells where it might stick to the treasure.

You may then decorate the nuts if you wish, or leave them plain... a dusting of gold spray or pearl finish is nice.

Mound into a pretty basket or box and pass around, letting each gues choose a nut. Later, set out some nut crackers and let your guests have fun finding who got the BIG treasure!

Contributed by Raven * Norejko,

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