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Things you can do with berry baskets

Don't throw away those little mesh baskets that berries come in. Try some of these ideas to recycle or re-use the containers.

Kid Project!= Kid Tested!

Soap Holder - Get two of those little suction cups that have hooks on them. Stick them to the shower wall and hang the basket on them. Makes a great soap holder. Soap doesn't get soggy and melt away. Contributed by Joni Sorsen

Brush cleaner - Berry Baskets can be sat inside a clean margarine tub and then filled with water. This becomes an excellent way to clean your brushes when painting. The grid at the bottom of the basket gentle scrubs the paint away! Contributed by Tiger

Screwdriver organizer - Attach the basket to your pegboard (upside down or side up -- doesn't matter) and insert screwdrivers through the holes. Contributed by Jenny Higdon,

Paintbrush organizer - place the basket upside down on your crafting table and insert paintbrushes, handles down. Contributed by Jenny Higdon,

Packet organizer - Use to hold seasoning mix or drink mix packages in your cupboard. Contributed by Jenny Higdon,

Organize! - They can be used to organize drawers where you keep makeup or hair accessories. Contributed by Billy and Jamie Taylor,

Make Snowflake decorations - I found this craft idea a long time ago when my daughter was little - cut out the bottom of the basket. It will look like the shape of a snowflake. Dip it in white glue, dip it in glitter, add a hanger, allow to dry and proudly hang it on the Christmas tree! Contributed by Ginger9,

Doll House trim - I am a doll house miniaturist. Those baskets came in handy for fencing and trimming. I once cut one up and made a miniature green house! Contributed by Bettina,

Easter baskets Kid Project! - Decorate with ribbon (weave the ribbon in and out through the slats). Attach pipe cleaners or wire to make a handle. Cover the bottom with shredded ribbon, paper, or "grass", and fill with Easter candy.

Bubble b Kid Project! - This is great fun. Fill a bucket with water and liquid soap. Dip the baskets into the water and wave gently in the air to make tiny bubbles.

Protect your bulbs - When planting bulbs in the ground, keep them safe from rodents by planting them inside a mesh berry basket. Set the basket in the ground, fill with dirt, set the bulb inside and cover with dirt.

Protect your seedlings - Place baskets over tender plants that need protecting from rabbits and squirrels. Secure with pieces of bent wire, stuck into the ground.

Protect package bows - When you carry a gift to a friend's house, place basket over the bow on the package to protect it from getting smashed in transit.

Use as a "frog" - Turn the basket upside down and secure to the bottom of a bowl with clay or putty. Then, insert flower stems into the mesh to hold them up.

Dishwasher basket - What a GREAT idea! Use baskets in the dishwasher, to hold those little things that slide around - baby bottle caps, plastic pet food lids, etc. Use two together, secured with a rubber band and place in the top rack of the dishwasher.

Floppy disk holder - I weave ribbon through them or raffia, and I file my floppy disc in them and they can be stacked according to subject matter or even color-coded. I also have used then to store seed packets prior to planting.
Contributed by annieleah (

Mini Bread Basket Cover with a cloth napkin and fill with small muffins.

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