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Rope Wrapped Cowboy Hat Stand

What a great (and cheap!) gift idea! A great way to recycle those Pringles cans!

You will need:

  • Empty Pringles can
  • Sisal type rope
  • Epoxy type glue
  • Large dowel(mine was 3/4in)
  • Hot glue and gun
  • Exacto knife
Begin by cutting dowel to be approximently 14 inches in length. Take lid of Pringles can and make an "X" with exacto knife, slide dowel through the "X".

Next, take some of the epoxy glue and put on bottom of dowel and replace lid on to can. Make sure the bottom of the dowel is pressing against the bottom of the can. Let set until glue is dry.

When completely dry take the rope and, beginning at the top of the can (over the lip of the lid), hot glue the rope onto the side of can, wrapping it around as you go. When you reach the bottom, finish off and cut the rope. It is a good idea to put hot glue on the cut ends of the rope to help them from fraying.

Whala, instant Cowboy Hat Stand!!!!

Contributed by Tracey,

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