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Things you can do with Newspaper

Don't throw away your old newspapers. Try some of these ideas to recycle or re-use them.
Cheap insulation - Stuff rolled up newspaper under doors and in cracks of windows. Wrap around ice cream containers to carry to parties, to keep it cool. Stuff inside your coat or under blankets to keep warm in an emergency. Layers of newspaper are great insulation, for cooling or heating.

Use as pot holder - Works in a pinch to keep from getting burned.

Use as table cloth padding.

Use as a light reflector when taking photographs.

Finger/Hand Strengthener - One trick used by baseball pitchers and mountain climbers to strengthen their fingers and forearms is to lay a single sheet of newspaper on a flat surface and then lay their hand palm down in the center. Using only that hand, begin crumpling the newspaper and see how small a ball you can crumple it into. This is a great inexpensive rehab technique for those who've suffered hand injuries or strokes.
Contributed by Kelley Mitchell, zaphod@InfoAve.Net, who gives credit to dad for this idea.

Newspaper Games - Contributed by Charlene,

  • Do a scavenger hunt/word search.
  • Roll flat paper into cones and use them to try and catch rolled up newspaper balls.
  • Make lots of newspaper balls and draw a circle on the ground. See how far away they can be and still get the balls into the circle.
  • If it's windy outside, see how far pieces of newspaper will blow, do flat ones blow easier than folded or crumpled ones? Just be sure and clean up.
  • Experiment to see how many times you can fold a full sheet of newspaper. Who's is smallest?
  • See how many times you can fold a full sheet of newspaper and still be able to tear it in half.

Use to decorate crafts - Painted, fringed newspaper is great for all kinds of crafts, especially kids crafts.
* Christmas Wreath Instructions Kid Project!

Use for papier mache - Instructions here Kid Project!

Workspace cover - Cover your craft area with newspaper - the all-purpose work table protector!

Glass cleaner - After you wash your windows or mirrors with soap and water or regular glass cleaner, polish the glass with a piece of crumpled newspaper for a streak-free shine.

Kitty litter liner - Use several sheets folded up to line the bottom of your kitty litter box.

Recycle it by making new paper - Instructions here.

Odor remover - Stuff wads of newspaper into your shoes or boots overnight to remove odors. Got an old plastic container that smells bad? Crumple up some newspaper and stuff it in the container. Seal it and leave it overnight to remove the stink. Also works in trunks, luggage or boxes that have that old musty smell.

Garden mulch - Spread newspaper flat or shredded around the base of plants or between rows of plants. Water thoroughly. Will discourage weed growth.

Make paper hats

Make a kite

Fire starter - roll and twist a few sheets of newspaper and use for kindling to help start your fire.

Garbage can liner - use several sheets of folded newspaper to line the bottom of your kitchen garbage can. It'll help absorb liquids and odors.

Filler - as a quick and easy (and cheap!) filler for puppet heads, doll heads and bodies, packing for gifts and packages and so on, crumpled up newspaper can't be beat.

Shape Keeper - stuff newspaper into your shoes or boots or purses when storing. Helps them keep their shape.

Dress Patterns - newspaper works for making your own clothing patterns. Butcher paper would be better, but newspaper will do in a pinch.

Sop/Sponge - use to sop up grease from oven, stovetop, driveway, etc.

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