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Pop Can Snowman

Make a snowman out of an old soda can, an easy Christmas project for kids!
You will need:
  • 1 cleaned, dried aluminum soda can
  • 1 sheet of white construction paper or printer/copier paper
  • 1 full sheet of newspaper
  • Masking tape
  • White paint
  • Fiberfil or quilt batting
  • Scrap fabric
Wrap the entire can with the white construction paper.

Using the full sheet of newspaper, form it into a ball and, using the masking tape, tape it to the top of the aluminum can. (This will form the head.) Cover the rest of the newspaper ball with masking tape.

Paint the taped newspaper ball with the white paint. Let dry completely.

Cover the white body of your snowman with the Fiberfil.

Buy or make a construction paper hat for your snowman. Add jiggle eyes and an orange pom-pom for the nose. Cut a scarf using scrap fabric. If possible use pinking shears and cut approx. 20" long and 1" wide. (You can trim later, if necessary.)

Your snowman is ready to display!

Contributed by Roberta,

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