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Things you can do with Recycled tin foil

Don't throw away your old aluminum foil. Tin foil has a lot of uses besides cooking or wrapping food! If the foil has been used for foods, be sure to wash it with detergent before re-using. Used aluminum foil will retain a slightly crinkled look, even when smoothed out, which adds nice texture for art projects. If you want a really smooth look, you should use a warm iron to press the wrinkles out (or just use new foil).

Kid Project!= Kid Tested!

  1. Make unique pictures - Instructions here
  2. Use it as gift wrap
  3. Use as a heat reflector - Tape heavy-duty foil to insulation board and place it behind radiators and baseboard heat vents.
  4. Make a solar oven - Instructions here
  5. Make Christmas tree garland Kid Project!
    Cut tin foil into strips about 4-5" long and 2-3" wide. Fold lengthwise, or just crinkle and twist. Make a loop and twist ends together. Link the next strip through and twist ends together. Continue linking until the garland is long enough to drape nicely on your tree. For added sparkle, attach lightweight decorations or colored paper to links.
  6. Make a fishing lure - Wrap foil around a hook or safety pin. Fringe the foil so that it covers the hook and wiggles as the line is reeled in.
  7. Lighting Reflector - Glue foil to a mat board or heavy cardboard to make a reflector for photography. Make 3 identical panels and hinge or tape them together so that the reflector stands up and is easy to carry.
  8. Specialty baking pans - Form any shape you want by using a double thickness of heavy-duty foil into the desired contour. You can make a pumpking shape, Christmas tree, teddy bear or heart shape - cakes for just about any special occasion. Place the mold in a regular cake pan for baking.
  9. Make a cake decorating tube - shape heavy-duty aluminum foil into a cone or tube with a small opening at one end and a larger opening at the other. Pour frosting into larger end and squeeze out the smaller end.
  10. Make a picnic serving dish - cover a piece of cardboard
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