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Walkway Party Lantern


Materials Needed:

  • clean tuna can
  • paint
  • wooden dowel or old wooden broomstick
  • drywall screw & screwdriver
  • utility knife or wood planer
  • glass hurricane shade with a diameter very slightly smaller than the diameter of the tuna can. These can be bought from craft or discount store for about $1.00.
  • candle
  1. Using the planer or utility knife sharpen one end of the dowel or broom stick to a point. This is the end that will stick in the ground when the lantern is complete.
  2. Stick pointed end into ground firmly.
  3. Place tune can, centered, on top of flat dowel end that is sticking up out of the ground. If you need to, use a dab of hot glue to hold it in place.
  4. Screw drywall screw directly into center of can through bottom of can and into the dowel. Tighten well.
  5. Paint the outside of the can and the dowel black or what ever color you prefer.
  6. Place candle in bottom of tuna can and light.
  7. Place glass hurricane shade in can.
Done. You have a beautiful lantern for an outdoor party for pennies

Submitted by:Chik Witch
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