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USA Flag Applique

Designed by Carol Ingram for Sulky of America®
in memory of those lost September 11, 2001.
What you will need:
  • 2 pieces of 11” x 16” off-white Osnaburg
  • 1 piece of 12” x 17” muslin
  • 1 piece of 9” x 16” red cotton with white stars
  • 4 pieces of 5” x 7” blue cotton with white stars
  • 1 piece of 1” x 20” brown cotton for flag pole
  • Neutral & Navy cotton-covered polyester sewing thread
  • 12/80, 14/90 & 16/100 Sewing Machine Needles
  • All purpose foot and open-toe applique foot (free-motion darning foot - optional)
  • Sulky Clear Polyester Invisible Thread
  • Sulky Cotton 12 wt. or 30 wt.Thread in red, blue & brown that match fabrics chosen
  • Sulky Cotton 12 wt and 30 wt. Thread in #567 Butterfly Gold and 12 wt. #1057 Dk. Tawny Tan
  • Sulky KK 2000 Temporary Spray Adhesive
  • Sulky Stabilizers: Tear-Easy, Soft ‘n Sheer, and Super Solvy or Ultra Solvy
  • Navy Blue Sweatshirt • Quilter’s Ruler
  • Clover Chenille Slash Cutter • Template Plastic
  • Scissors: Dressmaker Shears, all-purpose scissors, and small, sharp-pointed scissors
  • Wash-out or Chalk Marker
  • Permanent-ink, fine-line black marker
Making the White Chenille
  1. Cut 2 layers of Osnaburg 11” x 16”, on grain.
  2. Cut 1 layer of Muslin 12” x 17” to be the base layer.
  3. Stack layers right side up with muslin base on the bottom.
  4. diag markUsing a wash-out marker and a quilter’s ruler, mark one 45° line diagonally across the stacked fabrics.
  5. Set up your machine:
  6. • 12/80 sharp needle
    • Thread your machine top and bobbin with a neutral cotton-covered polyester sewing threa
    • All purpose foot
    • Normal balanced sewing tension
    • Straight Stitch length - 2.5
  7. Sew on the line, then sew parallel lines equal 3/8” distances apart out to the ebdge of the fabric. Turn fabric and repeat on the other side of the original line until the entire piece is stitched.
  8. Along the edge of one side, use a small sharppointed scissors to make a small, starting cut just through the top 2 layers of osnaberg, midway between all the stitching lines.
  9. Use a Clover™ Chenille Slash Cutter and finish cutting each row between the stitching. DO NOT CUT THE MUSLIN BASE LAYER.
  10. To secure the ends of the chenille through washing, straight stitch all around the perimeter just along the ends of the stitching lines with the wrong (uncut) side up.
  11. Machine wash and dry the prepared chenille piece 2 or 3 times to fluff the raw edges.
The Blue Star Chenille
  1. Cut 4 layers of the “blue with white stars” fabric 5” x 7”, on grain.
  2. Stack layers right side up.
  3. Using a wash-out or chalk marker and a quilter’s ruler, mark one 45° line diagonally across the top layer of stacked fabrics.
  4. Follow steps 5 through 10 above, substituting the bottom blue layer for the muslin layer that does NOT get cut.
The Flag Pattern
  1. To fit an XL or bigger sweatshirt, enlarge the Flag
  2. Pattern in these instructions by 50%, or you can use it as is or enlarged as desired to fit whatever size shirt you use. Click here for template
  3. Trace the pattern pieces 1 through 11 onto Template Plastic or use Sulky Sticky or Tear-Easy as template material. Label the right side of each template piece. Cut out the template pieces
  4. .
Cut out the Flag Pieces
  1. cut out piecesSpray Sulky KK 2000 on the wrong side of each of the red stripe template pieces (#2-R & 4-R, #9-R, 10-R,11-R). Lay them right side up over the right side of the red star fabric.
  2. Trace around the templates with a wash-out or chalk marker
  3. Cut out the stripes..
  4. Lay them right side down on a piece of cardboard or a grocery bag and spray them with KK 2000.
  5. Turn the off-white chenille piece so the muslin side is up.
  6. Place the stripe templates (#1-C, 3-C. 5-C) and the star for the sleeve (#8-C) right side down over the muslin side of the off-white chenille. Trace around the pieces with a wash-out or chalk marker. Straight stitch around each tracing just inside the drawn line. Cut them out on the drawn line.
  7. Repeat for the blue star chenille fabric piece 6-B.
Place the Applique Pieces
  1. place appliquePrepare the sweatshirt for applique by cutting open one sleeve of the sweatshirt from cuff to armhole.
  2. place appSpray KK 2000 on Sulky Tear-Easy and place it on the wrong side of the sweatshirt under the areas to be appliqued.
  3. On the right side of the front of the sweatshirt, spray KK 2000 on the wrong side of each of the pieces and position them, spacing the stripes approximately 3/8” apart (use the photo on the front of this pattern as a guide). By using KK 2000 you can reposition the pieces as many times as needed to get your applique just the way you want it.
Stitch the Appliques
  1. Place the open-toe applique foot on the machine. Using Sulky Clear Invisible Polyester Thread on top and a dark blue Sulky 30 wt. Cotton Thread in the bobbin, stitch an open zig-zag over the edges of the off-white chenille pieces.
  2. Insert a 14/90 needle in the machine. Use a matching Sulky 12 wt. Cotton Thread on top with a coordinating color ofSulky 30 wt. Cotton in the bobbin to satin stitch(or choose a decorative stitch) applique the edges of the blue red stripes and the flag pole pieces.
Stitch the Words
  1. stitch wordsLightly spray KK 2000 onto a strip of Super Solvy or UltraSolvy and lay it over the pattern sheet to trace the phrase “God Bless America” onto it using a fine-line, permanent-ink marker. Reapply the KK 2000 if needed and place the saying just under the bottom stripe of the flag.
  2. Set up your machine with a 16/100 needle and an extra spool pin. Thread the needle with two Sulky 12 wt. Cotton Threads #567 Butterfly Gold and #1057 Dk. Tawny Tan. Put Sulky 30 wt. Cotton #567 in the bobbin.
  3. Spray KK 2000 onto a piece of Sulky Soft ‘n Sheer and place it behind the sweatshirt where the writing is to be placed.
  4. Select the multi-stitch straight stitch. Stitch the lettering slowly, counting the penetrations that make up the complete stitch, so that when you come to a point where you need to pivot, you can be sure the stitch pattern has completed and the next penetration of the needle will go in the appropriate direction. Be sure to tie off securely at the beginning and the end
  5. If you used Ultra Solvy, wash the garment to remove it. Remove Super Solvy by holding a steam iron above the Super Solvy and steaming to gently release it from the stitching.
Original craft can be found at
re-printed with permission from Sulky® of America
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