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Embroidered Bird House

You will need:

  • Stabilizers: 1 yd. of Totally Stable™ Iron-on
    1/4 yd. Sticky™ Self-Adhesive and 1/2 yd. of Super Solvy™ or Tear-Easy™
  • Sulky Puffy Foam™ 3 - 6" x 9" sheets of 2mm Tan or Black
  • Sulky 30 wt. Rayon Thread:
    For Branch: 1057 Dk. Tawny Tan or Black 1005
    For Bird #11 on back of shirt - I substituted:
    Color #1 White - 1001 - Bright White
    Color #2 Yellow - 1055 - Tawny Tan
    Color #3 Gold - 1126 - Tan
    Color #4 - By Passed - No Branch
    Color #5 Gray - 1057 - Dk. Tawny Tan
    Color #6 Black - 1005 - Black
  • Memory Craft 9000 Sewing/Embroidery Machine.
  • Machine Needles:
    A new Top Stitching or
    Embroidery Size 14/90
  • Memory Card #116 Bird Designs, Bird #11.
  • Ready-made Denim Shirt with flat back.
  • Fat Quarters of a Black, Red and Tan Fabric for Birdhouse Applique - I used M&M Mumm’s the Word Fabrics.
  • Sulky KK 2000 Temporary Spray Adhesive or substitute 1 yd. Dbl. Sided Steam-A-Seam™ Fusible Web.
  • Fine-Line, Permanent-Ink Marker.
  • Applique and Branch Design found on pull-out pattern sheet in the back of this book.
Design Patterns
Instructions:Project Image 02
  1. Press 2 layers of Totally Stable onto the wrong side of the shirt over the entire area where any stitching will be done.
  2. With a fine-line, permanent-ink marker, trace Branch design onto Super Solvy or Tear-Easy Stabilizer. Lightly spray one side of the Puffy Foam with KK 2000 and hand press traced stabilizer pattern onto it in pieces as indicated on the pattern. Lightly spray the other side of the Puffy Foam to make it stay in place on the shirt while stitching each section of the branch. Project Image 03
  3. Set your machine for a close satin stitch (width - 6.0, length 1.5). Place an open-toe applique foot or other channelled foot on the machine. Reduce foot pressure. Satin stitch according to the width indicated on the pattern. As branches taper, reduce your width setting accordingly. You may need to help feed the fabric with the foam under the foot. Pull away the perforated foam once the entire piece is stitched. Repeat stitching at a little wider width to cover the edges of foam that may still be showing.
  4. Adhere 2 layers of Sulky Sticky under the embroidery hoop. Secure the hoop in the cloth setter. Position the shirt over the hoop so the bird will rest on the lower branch. Smooth the shirt down onto the Sticky. Embroider using recommended Sulky 30 wt. Thread Colors. Project Image 04
  5. Once embroidery is completed, remove the shirt from the hoop and the Sticky. Leave Totally Stable behind the area to be appliqued. Prepare applique pieces by either tracing designs and applying double-sided fusible web, then cutting them out, or by cutting out pieces, then applying KK 2000 Temporary Spray Adhesive to the wrong side of the fabrics. Position on shirt as photo indicates. Blanket stitch by machine using Sulky 30 wt. Rayon Thread. Once all stitching is completed, carefully remove Totally Stable one layer at a time. Repeat techniques using Bird # 11 on the front yoke, if desired.

Original Sulky Craft
re-printed with permission from Sulky International
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