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Heart Sweatshirt

Heart Sweatshirt You will need:
  • Sweatshirt (or sweatshirt cardigan)
  • 3/4 yd of fabric (the louder the better)
  • thread
  • sewing machine
  • plate
  • straight edge
  • marking pen
  • pins
1. Using a plate and a straight edge as a template draw a heart on the sweathsirt with the marking pen.

2. At one inch (or 1.5 inch if the heart is really big) intervals draw lines parallel to one of the sides.

Diagram 1 3. Repeat these lines parallel to the other side. Now your heart will be full of diamonds (see Diagram 1).

4. Cut your fabric in half. Place the fabric on top of each other with the sides facing up (this can save you some tears if you cut though the first level).

5. Place the fabric inside the sweatshit so that the wrong sides face the inside of the sweatshirt. Double check that the heart is totally covered by fabric (on the inside of the sweatshirt.).

6. Begin sewing the diagonal lines of the heart. Start on one of the middle lines on one side. Then sew a middle line from the other side of the heart. Keep rotating between the sides untill all of the diagonal lines are completed. This will help reduce puckers.

7Diagram 2. Sew around the out the outside of the heart.

8. Now VERY carefully cut open each diamond with sharp pointed scissors. Make a small slit in the sweatshit by pulling up slightly in the middle of a square and then cut an X from 1 corner to the other (See diagram 2.)

Diagram 3 Do this in every box. In unusual shaped boxes you can do a modified X (see diagram 3)

9. Turn the sweatshirt inside out and then cut off the excess fabric around the heart (leave about 1/2 in of fabric around the edge.)

10. Remove the pins... NOW get ready for the magic. Wash and dry your sweatshirt (in a dryer). The flaps will curl up and reveal the fabric below.

Contributed by Daria Akers

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