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Accordian Letters Made with Wallpaper

Cut n glue Letter #2

You will need:

  • Cut 1 piece of light card stock - 6" x 6"
  • 2 pieces of wallpaper or fabric - 7" x 7" and slightly smaller than 6" x 6"
  • 1 piece of writing paper - desired length by 5" wide
  • Scrap of coordinating ribbon at least 12" long
  • Gluestick or rubber cement
Crease card stock and fold in half.

Crease 7" x 7" wallpaper or fabric and fold in half.

Center card stock on back side of wallpaper and glue both pieces together. Fold excess over to inside and glue.

Attach writing paper... Cut another piece of wallpaper slightly smaller than 6" x 6" - crease and fold.

Cut 2 pieces of narrow ribbon. Center and glue an end of each inside long side of card. Glue the second piece of wallpaper inside of card to cover raw edges and cardstock.

Cut desired length of writing paper and accordian fold, the same as for letter #1. Put a thin line of glue along back top edge only of the letter. Position just below inside crease and glue to inside card bottom.
Contributed by Raven * Norejko,

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