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Things you can do with baby food jars

Don't throw away your old baby food jars. Try some of these ideas to recycle or re-use them.
= Kid Tested!
Christmas Tree Centerpiece

    Hanging Candle Holders w/ Copper Wire
    Starch & Tissue Paper Kid Project!
    Raffia Bow - Especially the little Earth's Best labeled jars. Fill with a tea light or candle wax and wic. Wrap a raffia/other bow around the rim. Give as gifts or use as place setting decorations. Adorable! Contributed by Lisa Gilleland

Fish in a Jar - Paint one half of the jar blue so that if you were looking at the front of the jar all you would see is the blue from the other side. Cut out a fish shape and decorate as you wish. Then poke a hole in the top of the lid and through the back of the top of the fish. Put a piece of fishing line through the fish and back up to the lid. Make sure it isn't touching the bottom of the jar. Tape the line to the top and you have an adorable fish in a jar. Contributed by AmaRudy

Envelope and Stamp Licker - Take a baby food jar. Cover with wallpaper to match office or work area. Glue a peice of sponge inside of lid, Fill with water. Cover lid with material to match and go around the edges with ribbon. Works great. Makes a great kids gift to give to working parents or Grandparents. Contributed by B.C.,

Silly Christmas gifts

Homemade Gel Air Fresheners (PLATINUM craft)

Make a hanging "bitty thing" organizer - Nail several jar lids onto a 2x4. Nail the 2x4 to the bottom of a shelf over your craft bench. Fill the jars with nails, pins, bitty things you have lying around and screw them onto their lids.

Use for paints and powders - Especially nice when mixing unique colors.

Teddy bear gift jar - Tear up a small teddy bear - the baby food jar will become his belly, so keep the arms, legs and head intact. Glue the parts on the jar and fill with M&M's.

Store spices - Especially great when mixing your own - be sure to label the jars!

Sewing storage - Separate buttons by color or size and store each in their own jar. Great for storing other small things - safety pins, straight pins, snaps, etc.

Snow globes - Glue a small object to the inside of the lid - a plastic figurine, f, etc. Add glitter, beads, or foil confetti, etc. Fill the jar with equal parts water and corn syrup, add food coloring if desired. Seal the lid onto the jar using a watertight sealant - the kind used for aquariums, or the stuff found in the plumbing section of your hardware store. Put a bead of sealant on the threads of the jar and on the inside threads of the lid. Close it up, leave overnight to dry. Kids love this!

Seed storage - Good way to save seeds from the flowers in your garden. Add a label (with a picture of the f).

Gift ideas - Decorate the jars and lids: Paint with PermEnamel paints, cover with fabric, attach wooden shapes to the lids, make clay decorations for the lids. Fill with gift items: bath salts, homemade coffee/tea mixtures, potpourri, small candy, etc.

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