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Quicky Christmas Ornament and Gift Ideas

We wanted to be sure you didn't miss these great ideas!!!
From the Recycle CD's page:
Christmas ornament ideas - For our company party (we have a small staff), I am using glitter glue to make festive designs on the shiny side of the cd's. We will slide decorate string through the hole of the cd, and tie a knot to make a loop, long enough to hang from a Christmas tree. Then we're taking Polaroid pictures of each couple. We will use fancy edger scissors to cut around the pictures and paste on the center of the decorated cd. If there is a label on the backside of the cd, you could cover with wrapping paper or construction paper and decorate with glitter glue, sequins, beads or whatever! Contributed by

More Christmas ornament ideas - Using a permanent marking pen, Xmas shaped sponges and\or small simple stencils, I traced small stockings, bells, trees, stars and snowman on the shiny side of the cd and then cut them out using a small electric scroll saw. The key was to go slow. Then I used the dremel to smooth the edges and punch the holes to slip cord through to hang them. The finishing touch is to paint the label side with acrylic paint sponged on, or use snow texture paint, or glue and glitter. The commercial cd's show a pretty silvery color and writeable cds a lovely gold color. You can personalize the small ornaments with kids names written with a metallic permanent marker or acrylic paint. Or string a whole bunch together for a wonderful homemade garland. Contributed by Liana,

From the Recycle Walnut Shells page:
The Dollar Nut - When my children were small, I used to take care of a tiny old woman who would carefully clean out the insides of the walnut, place a folded up dollar bill inside and glue the shells back together. She would glue a string loop at the top and hang them on her tree. when children came to visit, she would let them choose a dollar nut from her tree. My children still remember that. Contributed by Bev Forsling,
From the Recycle Film Cannisters page:
Christmas Tree Ornaments - The film canisters are great for Christmas Ornaments. Poke a hole in the lid and thread a piece of ribbon through it, putting a knot inside the lid and forming a loop at the other end. Snap the lid back on. Glue small beads that sparkle on the entire surface using a glue gun- cover the lid, bottom, etc. It will hang on the tree and look great. This was a project I created for a girl scout troop and they loved it. Contributed by Kathy,

Brenda Frazier,, adds: I put small wrapped candy in some and in others I put money. When the small children in my family come to visit I let them take one. They can't wait to get to my house to see what kind of goodie they will get.

Gift Basket "samplers" - Decorate them by decoupaging or painting, etc. and fill with samples of bath salts, tiny bath beads, etc. Include an assortment in a gift basket. OR, in a food gift basket, fill the cannisters with samples of dry dip mixes, herbs, special homemade spice mixes, etc. Be sure to include instructions on how to prepare.

From the Recycle Baby Food Jars page:
Envelope and Stamp Licker - Take a baby food jar. Cover with wallpaper to match office or work area. Glue a peice of sponge inside of lid, Fill with water. Cover lid with material to match and go around the edges with ribbon. Works great. Makes a great kids gift to give to working parents or Grandparents.

Snow globes - Glue a small object to the inside of the lid - a plastic figurine, f, etc. Add glitter, beads, or foil confetti, etc. Fill the jar with equal parts water and corn syrup, add food coloring if desired. Seal the lid onto the jar using a watertight sealant - the kind used for aquariums, or the stuff found in the plumbing section of your hardware store. Put a bead of sealant on the threads of the jar and on the inside threads of the lid. Close it up, leave overnight to dry. Kids love this!

Gift Basket Additions - Decorate the jars and lids: Paint with PermEnamel paints, cover with fabric, attach wooden shapes to the lids, make clay decorations for the lids. Fill with gift items: bath salts, homemade coffee/tea mixtures, potpourri, small candy, etc.

From the Funny / Gag Gifts page:
Reindeer Poop - We take a carton of whoppers and cut a u-shaped door in the back side of the carton and put a pom-pom on the door (so it looks like a tail). We cut antlers out of brown felt and glued a large brown pom-pom for a head to the antlers. Then added a small black or red pom-pom for the nose. You can also add a ribbon to the antlers for a girl reindeer or a bow beneath the head for a boy reindeer. Then we add the "poop" poem to it.
Contributed by Barlows,
From the Recycle Wallpaper page:
Cover gift boxes - Glue the wallpaper to the outside of a box to make a pretty gift box -- or -- use it to make your own boxes! If the wallpaper isn't heavy enough, glue two pieces back to back, or glue it to lightweight cardboard and then fold the box.
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