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Things you can make with Wallpaper Samples

* Picture Mat - Cut wallpaper to make a mat for pictures. Turn paper over and measure picture to be framed. Using a knife cut out hole. Tape picture to back of paper and frame. This looks wonderful. Contributed by H&RBlockGan

* Bulletin Board - Cover the cork part of a bulletien board with wall paper (tape on for a temporary different look, glue on for a permanant look). It looks especially good if it matches the walls or color of the room!Contributed by Meghan

* Drawer Liner - Line the inside of desk drawers with wall paper. That way, things slide out more easily, and it makes it look richer. Contributed by Meghan

* Mirror Decoration - Use the same border as in the bathroom to trim around mirrors. I have cut about 1/4 inch strip off of the border and wet it, then stick it on the mirror around the perimeter. Looks great! Contributed by Kelly Peak,

* Make a Fan - Tiny for a doll, or large enough to decorate a wall... - Instructions here

* Make "designer" candles - Instructions here

* Make your own envelopes - Instructions here

* Make accordian letters - Letter #1 Instructions here - Letter #2 Instructions here

* Shapes for decoupage - Cut out the shapes of flowers and leaves and decoupage them to virtually anything - table tops, frames, decorative boxes, etc. - Decoupage instructions here

* Designer wastebaskets - Wrap large ice cream containers (like the type used by Baskin-Robbins) with leftover wallpaper, to make 'designer' waste baskets (goes great in a bath or bedroom papered with the same material). Contributed by Clyde Morron,

* Make placemats - Paste two sheets together, with pasted sides together, and let completely dry. Cut out in rectangular, oval or other desired shape for placemats (you can use other placemats as a template). Can be laminated at a hobby or teacher's store for extra durability. Contributed by Clyde Morron,

* Window or wall treatment - Glue leaves and shapes over a doorway, archway or window. Cover with a light coat of paint and sand off for a "worn" effect.

* Make unique bookmarks - Instructions here Kid Project!

* Make expensive looking jewelry or kitchen magnets - Instructions here

* Cut shapes/pattern to decorate a planter - Cut shapes and glue to flower box or pot. Coat with sealant.

* Decorate a fairy castle - Use as wallpaper or floor decoration on the inside rooms of a dollhouse or fairy house. Castle instructions here.

* Cover gift boxes - Glue the wallpaper to the outside of a box to make a pretty gift box -- or -- use it to make your own boxes! If the wallpaper isn't heavy enough, glue two pieces back to back, or glue it to lightweight cardboard and then fold the box.

* Cut out clothes for paper dolls

* Make dollhouse rugs - Some patterns lend themselves well to tiny rugs - glue a fringe or lace edge on an oval or rectangular shape.

* Collage material - Let the kids cut out shapes and pictures for collages.

* Make greeting cards - Glue a piece of white paper to the back. Fold in half. Cut an oval in the center of the front of the card, and inside the card, glue something neat, a family photo, a jewel, etc. that will show through the oval.

* Decorate jar lids

* More Great Ideas:
  *From Barb's Pad

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