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Formulas & Remedies
Glass & Glasses
bullet Formulas For Waterproofing And Fireproofing bullet Formula For Windshield Ice Melter For Cars, Planes, Boats
bullet Mirror Fun: Silvering And Re-Silvering And How To Make Your Own One-Way Mirrors bullet Formula For One-Way Window Glass
bullet Formula For LENZ-BRITE Liquid Eyeglass Cleaner And "Anti-Fog" bullet Formula For Mysto Eyeglass Cleaner
Health And Beauty
bullet Specialty Soaps bullet Formulas And Recipes For Homemade Soaps
bullet Recipes For Hand And Face Lotions You Can Make bullet Gifts And Craft Projects: Milk Bath In A Jar, What A Great Gift Idea!
bullet Recipes For Making Your Own Aftershave bullet Formulas For Toothpaste, Mouthwash, Breath Fresheners You Can Make At Home
logo Formulas For Bath Bombs You Can Make At Home logo Chapped-Lip Balm
logo Recipes For Hand And Face Cleaners bullet Recipes For Making Your Own Astringent
logo Decorative Bath Oil Bottles logo Strawberry Moisturizer
bullet Lip Balm bullet Easy Lotion Bars Recipes
logo Formulas For Bath Oil, Bath Salts And Other Bathing Stuff You Can Make At Home bullet Recipes For Making Your Own Bath Powder
logo How To Make Melt And Pour Soap - Craft Instructions logo RECIPES FOR BATH AND BODY
logo Dispersing Bath Oil: Craft Instructions bullet Formulas For Shampoos, Rinses And Conditioners You Can Make At Home
Home & Hearth
bullet Formulas - Recipes For Household Cleaners logo Home Made Gel Air Freshener
bullet Two Recipes For Making Your Own Baby Wipes bullet How To Preserve Old And Brittle Newspaper Clippings
bullet Making Scents Of It All - Potpourri Basics bullet Formulas - How To Clean Stains
bullet How To Make Scented Rocks bullet Formula For Making Colorful Fireplace Flames
logo Glass Fish Bath Oil Bottle bullet Formulas To Get Rid Of Insects / Natural Insect Repellants
bullet Formulas For Fireproofing
Illness & Injury Remedies
bullet How To Make Your Own Microwavable Heating Pads bullet How To Get Rid Of Head Lice
bullet Cough And Cold Remedies bullet Recipes For Minor Burns And Sunburn Remedies
bullet Formulas For Metal / Silver Polish bullet Formula For Copper / Brass Cleaner And Polish
bullet Formulas For Silver / Nickel Plating
Miscellaneous Formulas
bullet Formulas - How To Make Smoke Using Dry Ice bullet Frosting Windows (Duplicating Jack Frost)
bullet Grandma'S And Grandpa'S Formulas - 108 Timeless Remedies And Formulas bullet Formulas Making Your Own Ink
bullet Formulas For Flexible Mold Compounds bullet 10 Oil-Based Formulas For Fish Bait
bullet Formulas Making Your Own Homemade Glue bullet Formula For Making Your Own Car Wax
bullet Formulas For Waterproofing
bullet Formula For Making Your Own Plastic Molded Objects bullet Formulas For Plastics
bullet 6 Simple Formulas For Plastics  
NOTE It should be remembered that any chemical can be very dangerous when used or handled improperly. For this reason, the publisher of these formulas IS NOT responsible for any mishaps associated with these formulas.
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